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Battery EV

All electric cars sold in Metropolitan France are listed here (M1 homologated: cars requiring a driving license). Most are sold with their batteries. There is therefore no monthly rental to pay. For the rare vehicles that are sold with a battery rental, the cost of the rental is indicated in the "cost of batteries" section.

This category of vehicles benefits for 2017 and 2018 from an ecological bonus of 6000 €. Owners of a diesel vehicle older than 10 years can benefit from a bonus of € 4000 until the end of 2017, a total of € 10,000 to deduct on the price of manufacturers. In 2018, this premium will be reduced to € 2,500 for a total of € 8,500 ecological bonus included.

The ecological bonus of 6000 € is already applied on the prices below (the crossed out prices are the recommended selling prices by the manufacturer before any deduction).

Battery EV

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